Customer: Are you mixed? Coworker: You saying I’m too pretty to be all black? Customer: First of all nobody even said you was pretty. LMAOO


All mixed people aren’t pretty and all fully black people ain’t ugly…

It’s almost like race isn’t a requirement for attractiveness…

It’s almost like race is a poorly defined and inconsequential concept to begin with…..

Her coworkers descendant’s will feel that burn as well.

For everyone saying that they’re ugly in this thread. Even if you’re 2/10, go excercise, get some new clothes and a haircut, and you will be at least 6/10 (+/-1 depending on clothes and cut)

Exercise will also help with self confidence, which translates into charisma. Also never be scared to shoot your shot, just like with any skill, if you don’t practice you won’t get better.

More than anything, have fun doing it. Don’t take it too seriously. 😂✊