Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse


Whoa there Icarus.

Remember what happened last time.

Real talk though, your body heat would quickly melt wings made of wax anyway.

Daedalus must have been trying to kill Icarus.

I was thinking maybe some leaves were blocking her view, but then should could just move a few feet…

No, she was clearly trying to get closer to the sun and any more reasonable theories will be ignored by me!

She was successful in getting closer to the sun…

She did. Upwards.

Imagine the picture quality if she were on her tippy toes.

I mean…I did this, but not to get close to the sun. I wanted a photo without a section of roof or trees in the corner.

The moon is approximately 366,121 kilometers from Earth right now (it’s actually a little bit more than that, but I didn’t bother to calculate it. I’m using its value on August 18th, because I knew it. Plus, we don’t know where she is on Earth, so the moon’s distance may be even more km away. But let’s just approximate.)

The moon’s diameter is approximately 3,474 kilometers.

With this information, we can calculate her approximate advantage.

To calculate arcseconds of visibility for a celestial object:

θ = 206,265 * (d/D)

θ = arcseconds of visibility in the sky

d = diameter of the celestial object

D = distance to the object.

So, on the ground, she sees 1957.17975751 arcseconds of the moon.

On the ladder, she sees 1957.17976018 arcseconds of the moon, giving her a slightly more eclipsed sun.

Suckers. She knew what was up.

From 490,800,000,000 to 490,799,999,998.5 feet away.

Juuust a little closer.